Capture for the cloud

Snap is a lightweight app that helps turn those stacks of paper into actual usable digital information.  Documents come in all shapes and sizes.  So before those scanned images can be dropped into your system of truth, it’s essential they’re sorted and categorized effectively.  Snap does all of that for you.  Everything from standardized forms, semi-structured documents like invoices and unstructured documents like contracts and letters.

Capture for everyone

Advanced Recognition

Snap’s powerful real-time categorization feature automatically captures and organizes documents. What does that mean for you?  No need to painstakingly sort and classify your documents by hand.

Thoughtfully designed

Too often enterprise software design is an afterthought.  They’re unpleasant and require lots of training. Snap is different. It’s clean, spacious, and easy to use, even for first-timers. For instance, Snap guides users to quickly fix categorization or data exceptions. And its workflow visualization provides a sense context and progression.

From chaos to structure

Forget about manual data entry.  After documents are automatically sorted, Snap turns previously unstructured content into actionable digital content.

Keeping things simple

Snap makes it easy to track progress, guiding users through the capture process with an efficient interface to quickly find and fix OCR and business rule exceptions and contextual messaging to keep it all together. Quit mailing your paper documents and speed up cycle times be capture-enabling your distributed workforce.

A complete capture solution

Snap’s advanced recognition can eliminate manual document sorting and data entry to shorten cycle times, improve data quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Snap was designed with the modern knowledge worker in mind.  Enabling distributed workers to quickly and easily get documents into the organization.

Snap was built completely open, connecting to most backends. So whether you use Documentum®, OpenText™, SharePoint, ApplicationXtender, IBM FileNet® or other CMIS-enabled content management system, Snap is the perfect complement that can be easily integrated without programming.

Capture on the go

With the Snap Mobile client, use your mobile phone as a ubiquitous “scanner in your pocket”, categorizing and auto-tagging pictures of business documents outside of the office. Snap Mobile provides the same advanced recognition capabilities as the Snap web client, but in a mobile form-factor, and optimized for phone captured images.