Distributed Capture for the Cloud

While traditional capture solutions are complex and require expensive implementations and training, Snap is an intuitive lightweight app that requires no training and is accessed directly from any browser, eliminating the need for costly implementations, hardware and software licenses.

Bring Documents to Life

Take your paper documents and make them searchable! Snap enables full text search on your documents with its document cleanup and character recognition algorithms.

Automatically Extract Metadata

Take your documents to the next level. Snap can automatically figure out whether your documents are Invoices, Purchase Orders, Drivers Licenses, or anything else. It can automatically extract metadata and validate fields based on business rules you define.

Export to Multiple Repositories

Snap can export your documents to a final storage location of your choice. We support export to FTP servers as well as Content Management systems that support the CMIS standard such as OpenText Content Server and OpenText Documentum.

Loan Processing


Loan processing is a document-intensive process that involves gathering and preparing a multitude of forms: credit statements, employment history, pay stubs, tax forms, insurance forms, etc. Capturing documents sooner in the process leads to faster approvals, speedier account preparation, and quicker access to customer files.


Remote Offices

Although most companies have an Enterprise Content Management system and they capture documents using a bulk mailroom capture process, many remote offices still deal with paper documents. Snap improves on slow manual processes and reduces the possibility of lost documents by capturing information as soon as it is received.

Clinical Trials


Clinical trials require the capture of structured and unstructured forms across all study sites.  Site monitors require a simple means to capture study documents via mobile device.  With SNAP, the site monitor can capture documents, have them auto-classified and tagged with required metadata before submission to the TMF.